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What is Boccia?

A precession based ball sport that is very similar to Bocce and is adaptable for those with various physical limitations. Boccia can be played one-on-one, in pairs or in teams.

3 Boccia balls. 1 red, 1 blue and the white jack ball. The goal is to throw the red or blue balls towards the jack. The red and blue are at even distance to the jack

Players are positioned in boxes and must throw either a red or blue ball depending on their box position. The player's goal is to get its ball to touch the white ball (the jack) or get as close as possible to it. Players take turns throwing until a total of 12 balls (6 red and 6 blue) are on the court. The amount of balls of either red or blue that are the closest to the jack will get 1 point for each ball. For example, the image at the right shows 1 red ball touching the jack, but since the next closest ball to the jack is blue, the player only gets 1 point for red.

Each Boccia game has 4 ends. The player or team with the most points after each end, wins the game. 



If players don't have the range of motion to throw, they can use an adaptable ramp to roll the balls.

Some Boccia players use a ramp if they dont have the range of motion to throw a ball.  

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