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Membership in LPDA brings many advantages for athletes. It may include networking opportunities, access to partner facilities, member benefits, training support and advice, and  up to date information on upcoming events and competition.

Reasons to become a LPDA member:

Networking Opportunities

LPDA organizes a busy calendar of athletic and social events to support our mission. A full program of upcoming networking opportunities can be located on the Events page.

Member Benefits

LPDA works with individuals on a case by case basis to overcome particular constraints. Members will have the opportunity to visit special member-only events. You can see a full list of the advantages on the Membership benefits page.

Staff & Training Support

Our knowledgeable staff consists of  top national coaches in their areas of expertise. The academy will have access to an array of training sessions and camps.


We have partnered with training facilities to provide adequate, safe, and supportive environments. We coordinate with staff to provide training equipment and adaptations as needed.

Military & Veterans

Our organization will seek support from various resources to facilitate programming to veterans and active duty members that are permanently disabled.



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